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Does Payoneer has really blocked Pakistan?

Few days ago I received an email from Payoneer support telling that cardholders can not use their Payoneer card at ATMs from certain countries including Pakistan due to new anti-money laundering laws by US government.

Reason for this ban is Pakistani ignorant politicians. On the end March-10 Pakistan’s Anti-Money Laundering ordinance of 2008 has expired. So now Pakistan is a lawless country without any anti-money laundering laws. And I am sure that Pakistan governments is not going to fix it cos our Corrupt establishment want a law less country so they can easily transfer there black money!

Due to absence of proper anti-money laundering laws in Pakistan US government issued new regulations for its financial institutions. This is why Payoneer has included Pakistan in banned countries.

But is there any way to get rid of this ban in Pakistan? sure toady when I ordered for a new card issue at Payoneer. I have received an email from Payoneer telling me that

"Despite recently changed regulations regarding countries listed by the US government as having AML deficiencies, Payoneer is happy to inform you that we are able to offer you a new Payoneer card that will be usable in your country."


"Please note that the enhanced service to your country incurs an additional post-activation fee of $15.00 that will be charged as soon as funds are loaded to the new card."

This email shows that if you order a new payoneer card then it will be use-able in Pakistan at ATM's.