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Best choice! trac and subversion hosting

(this is not a promotional post, it is based on my own experience!)

After struggle to search of a reliable subversion / svn hosting, purchasing / trying / testing with different providers. and when I fade up and has planed to use some vps for our project / source hosting. but before I do it. I found a really nice website there offer is interesting, they provide almost all features which is needed by any developer. and there price is amazing.

even they provide only one plan, but it suitable for most developers. includes

unlimited users
unlimited projects each
with svn / git repositories
with trac project management
with webDav remote storage

And this is not the end! they have developed there control panel to provide features of softwares mentioned above to utilize them at there full power. like

trac tickets from Email
trac interface branding
domain masking client can use his own domain.
diffirent domain can be configured to diffirent project.
access / permission control.
dialy backups
client can download backup on request.

and many more....

in final and short. they claimed that they are developers and have made this service for developers like them. And I think they have proven it. to check it by yourself just visit Repository Hosting