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Voice FAX SMS Broadcasting with billing!

We are happy to announce that we have completed billing for ICT Broadcast.

As ICT Broadcast was already first all in one solution for Voice, SMS & Fax broadcasting with multi tenant capabilities. Now recent billing addition will make ICT Broadcast an only choice for service providers who want to provide broadcasting service to there clients, Billing module will add following features in ICT Broadcast

Real Time Billing
Unified Billing for Multiple Services like voice, sms and fax.
Multiple Routs Managment
Multiple Rate list Managment
Flexible to configure and offer different plans
Least Cost Routing
Filtration & Categorization
for complete list of features visit SMS, FAX and Voice Broadcasting Features page.

Along with new billing features we also have improved overall performance and call control. for example option to limiting concurrent call channel on each campaign, realtime statistics, dashboard and also have included new reports for campaigns. for more detail please check How ICT Broadcast works or visit our site ICT Innovations


hi nasir can you contact me regarding a project i would like to do on asterisk



Please checkout our commercial software ICTBroadcast for fax broadcasting

So please give me an idea if this is the correct fit. I would like to send out about 10,000 faxes on my list every fortnight. So can you give me an idea if this product will work here in Australia and if I have got it correct? That that is what it is designed to do.

ICTFAX is not suitable for bulk fax, for fax broadcasting I recommend you to check our commercial broadcasting solution, which support voice broadcasting, fax broadcasting and sms broadcasting, for more please visit ICTBroadcast