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Open Source Email 2 Fax, Fax 2 Email Application by ICT Innovations released

At ICT Innovations we have just released Open Source T.38 FAX Application.

ICTFAX is an open source (AGPL v 3), multi-user and web based business solution with advance billing capabilities featuring duration as well as per unite billing , ICTFAX is an email to fax gateway, supports G.711 faxing , PSTN faxing and T.38 origination and termination .ICTFAX is complete faxing solution and does not need to be integrated with other open source projects to function that makes ICTFAX a unique and innovative faxing solution .

ICTFAX can be used in following faxing scenarios

Email to fax / web to fax / fax to email
G.711 Origination / Termination / Gateway
T.38 Origination / Termination
PSTN Origination / Termination / Gateway


We have updated User documentation at please read "4.2 Sending fax by Email." and note how to handle pass parameter