How to use Fax Voice broadcasting software for telemarketing


ICTBroadcast is a broadcasting solution which provides you the ability to Bulk broadcast. Bulk broadcasting is a method of advertising, by broadcasting a message to thousand of people at a time. Bulk voice broadcasting requires prerecorded voice message, contact list and auto dialer.

Linux, PHP and Drupal training in Multan

ICT Innovations has announced there PHP Drupal Linux training program, which is being started from next month, initially they launched there program only in Multan.

Following is original post at ICT Innovations

Voice FAX SMS Broadcasting with billing!

We are happy to announce that we have completed billing for ICT Broadcast.

As ICT Broadcast was already first all in one solution for Voice, SMS & Fax broadcasting with multi tenant capabilities. Now recent billing addition will make ICT Broadcast an only choice for service providers who want to provide broadcasting service to there clients, Billing module will add following features in ICT Broadcast

Real Time Billing
Unified Billing for Multiple Services like voice, sms and fax.
Multiple Routs Managment
Multiple Rate list Managment
Flexible to configure and offer different plans

Does Payoneer has really blocked Pakistan?

Few days ago I received an email from Payoneer support telling that cardholders can not use their Payoneer card at ATMs from certain countries including Pakistan due to new anti-money laundering laws by US government.

Best choice! trac and subversion hosting

(this is not a promotional post, it is based on my own experience!)

After struggle to search of a reliable subversion / svn hosting, purchasing / trying / testing with different providers. and when I fade up and has planed to use some vps for our project / source hosting. but before I do it. I found a really nice website there offer is interesting, they provide almost all features which is needed by any developer. and there price is amazing.

even they provide only one plan, but it suitable for most developers. includes

Voice Broadcasting System Lanched by ICT Innovations

ICT innovations has launched a new Voice Broadcasting System. which can be used as Power Dialer, Auto Dialing, Emergency Dialer and School Dialer The both systems has cool features mostly required by call centers. here is a brief look

I found a really nice page

Today during net surfing, I reach at
Quotations about Computer Programming

A really nice collection of programming quotes. the which I like most

" [A]nd then it occurred to me that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match. ~Bill Bryson "


Taiba Traders Pakistan

A growing company of Pakistan Taiba Traders Pakistan which deals in textile accessories like buttons, thread and ribbons etc.. has decided to make there online presence with an online portal. I am pleased that they choosed me for this job. I have acquired the domain, and decided to develop this site with Drupal CMS

One more amazing Google error (This site may harm your computer)

Today during my regular research work. when I used to google. I got surprised when I saw some caution text before each result telling me

This site may harm your computer.

Amazingly, google reporting this error to all the sites. whether they are reputed sites or whether not. I and laughed when I saw that google doing same thing with himself !!!

and when I tried to get some detail by clicking on "This site may harm your computer." nothing appeared I got one more error "502 Server Error"


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